Run (4 minute Performance)

Performer, treadmill, chair, glass of water, light, and 154 Hz tone.

I will be running at 8 MPH for 3 minutes on a treadmill in a dark room with a single spot light mounted on a pipe sitting within a stack of weights. There will be a 154 Hz tone scoring the performance and a chair behind the treadmill that will be there for me to start and end the performance.  I will empty my pockets on the chair before running. There will be a glass of water that will be engaged in the beginning and end of the performance.  I will be using darkness to to contrast the treadmill, the chair and myself. This isn’t exactly an endurance piece but a physical piece, suggesting travel, moving into nothing, working, sweating.  Leaving the narrative open, if present at all. Watching someone running (it may not be me in the future) subjecting the audience to watch someone run on this conveyor belt progressing and regressing, putting their body in a very primitive physical motion.  Static and motion. Theater, comedy, tragedy.