Chair #1

Chair #1, 2017.¬† Redwood, Steel, Leather. 46″x24″x22″


Direction- An installation by Andrew Aluise showcasing a steel tower pouring out light in an array of colors, a fountain built from various hardware store products, and this show also showcases other ordinary objects that transform into instruments for light.

“Farewell” Paintings

Glory and Time

Large rock (Grey Dolomite, Dolomite crystals, Sphalerite, and Pyrite from Mexico).  Small rock (Stilbite, and Heulandite from Aurangabad) C- clamp, and mirrors.


Moulage casting, carburetor, and mirror.



Rock (Stibnite), steel, ceramic dish, and mirror.

Florescent Balloons

Trapped in the Light

Three cacti and a flax plant are encaged  stainless steel where the artificial light permeates from above then hits the mirrored floor and reflects up.