The storms rolled in
 The cash rolled out
 Give back my peace
 And I’ll give back your doubt
 Our time here is short
 Our memories long
 I’ll write you a symphony
 They’ll play the final song
 Believing in the past
 Forgetting in the present
 We are fast
 So fast

Neon in her eyes
A sunset in Battery Park
Is it a gift or a foul remark
Liquor poured in the shower
We know what’s ahead
A hunger is fed
Oh trembling lips
What have we become
Aging swiftly but forever young
Forever young

Document me
I won’t forget you
Look at me
I can’t see you
Speak to me
I’ll silence you
Touch me
I’ll dissolve into you
Chase me
I’m behind you
Mourn for me
I will die for you

Heart Beats
Wrinkled sheets
Stare up at the ceiling
Wake up
Slow down
A new familiar feeling
Clear eyes
Open skies
You know it’s like the real thing
Warm chest life’s test
Now begin your healing

Hey baby do you feel alive 
When will you arrive 

I am here 
Full of fear

Come on breathe deeper
I'm the time keeper 

But The air is so thin
Suffocating In this sin

Open up to me
I'll give you the sea

I don't want your time
I won't drink your wine

I will abandon you
You don't know what's true

I do 
I do 

I close my eyes and enter into paradise
My worries are gone
My fears have fallen
Inhaling time
Tomorrow is forgotten
Peace grows within me
Peace grows within me